Apps Your Schoolchildren Must Have On Their Phones

We hear a lot about how parents want their children to use the advantages of

Technology can help you learn

modern technology, basically for educational purposes. These conversations occur more often at the start of the school year. The issue is, we usually don’t realize which tools are available for our children to use to enhance their learning skills and school life. Here’s some of the must-have apps for schoolchildren to have on their phones.

Organizer apps for schoolchildren

MyHomework is an organizing tool for students that lets them efficiently manage their schooling. This tool aids students to check their homework progress and check their classes and other school events online. This app was created to get kids to be more organized and self-disciplined. Though elementary school kids could possibly use it with parental help, it really works for kids a little older.

Homework helper apps

WordFlex Touch Dictionary makes essay writing simpler and word learning a blast. It’s a huge collection of words with the meanings expounded and lots of synonyms shown. It’s a real visual way of studying language as synonyms and word meanings are shown in an attractive word tree that is both charming and all-inclusive. You don’t have to be a spelling bee champ to get the most out of it. This app is an excellent learning tool. The only little thing parents need to be aware of is that as with any other dictionary, children can search bad words.

Photomath is a camera calculator that let children scan and solve different mathematical equations. It’s simple to use and will be very beneficial to children over the age of 11 who have a hard time with math. It doesn’t just solve the problem, but shows a step by step solution.