Are the Apple AirPods Worth the Price (Part I)?  334

AirPods really isn’t the highest performing earphones available, nor are they the most affordable at over $150. But for us, and many other devoted fans, AirPods are more than worth the price.

AirPods might be expensive but they’re worth it if you have a passion for using Apple products.

First on our list of pros is the included charging case. Simply put your AirPods into the plastic dental floss container-shaped puck to juice them up on the go or at home. The internal battery appears to last forever, delivering over 24 hours of listening time per charge. I haven’t had my case die out once since owning them, a fact largely due to smart design.

Whenever you pull out your AirPods, an LED indicator in the case goes green, indicating a full charge, or orange when the battery is running low. You can check the exact battery life on your iPhone by just opening the case lid near the device. When it gets low, just plug it into a nearby lightning cable and it’s good for another 7 – 14 days.

The case itself radiates quality, with a smooth magnetic hinge system. AirPods are also magnetized and held into their slots if the case opens accidentally. The size of the case is ideal. A lot of jeans have a small pocket that fits AirPods precisely, so I carry them everywhere.

W1 chip and proximity sensors

The first time you open up a new set of AirPods, your iPhone immediately recognizes them. All you have to do to pair is hit “connect,” that’s it. No dealing with Bluetooth pairing or other burdensome procedures.

Once set up, your AirPods are synced to iCloud and linked to each Apple device that is associated with your Apple ID. That means AirPods are recognized by, and automatically linked to, your iMac, iPad, MacBook or any other Apple device.

The W1 chip also furthers Bluetooth range and helps manage battery life, which is why AirPods have a fairly robust operating time and about five hours of media playback.