Becoming a Video Blogger

So you want to become a successful video blogger? It’s definitely the thing to do nowadays, and it seems like almost everyone has a YouTube channel.

A video blog is a website that uses video as its primary mode of content delivery, instead of text or images. You can video blog through your YouTube, your Facebook page, or your Twitter account. The main idea behind video blogging, is to use video as a medium to share your personal thoughts, views, or to raise awareness about a topic you have close to your heart, a product you love or want to spread the word about, or a service or business you love.

When creating video blogs, make sure your title is catchy and isn’t too long, and tagged appropriately. Make sure your video description is worded well so that someone can search for the video they are looking for. Link to your blog!

You can record using your webcam or a video recorder, if you’re thinking about using your desktop to film your video blog, consider using┬áCamStudio or Camtasia, to film on your videos on your desktop. Take the time to ensure that your lighting and sound is good, and that the background isn’t too busy or distracting. Watch your video on your phone and tablet to make sure it looks and sounds good on different devices.

How to spread your video on social media? Try and think what your target audience will be using and start there. Passion in a video will cause others to share your video and link to your blog, driving a lot of traffic your way, which is what you want. Engage with your audience on social media, this makes it personal and people are more likely to share your content.

Be yourself and let your natural personality take you places!