Best Underwater Video Cameras (Part I)

These underwater video cameras won’t disappoint and the proof is in the shots.

Shooting underwater video has become more popular in recent times. The combination of video camera improvements, effective video editing software and easy sharing with friends through social media is fuel for the fire. Also, housing manufacturers are keeping video recording ergonomics top of mind in new designs. The end game is that many photographers are now shooting video as well as still photos while diving, while other divers have some cheap choices for shooting video on smaller devices.

Entry-level Choice:

The GoPro HERO5 Black shoots HD video is a small unit. It’s GoPro’s topnotch camera, complete with wifi and a touchscreen/monitor. The pros are its small size, outstanding image quality and ability to stick anywhere for unique angles such as on a pole cam. It also shoots raw images, bursts, and interval timer stills. The cons are the lack of customizable settings and short battery life.

Compact Cameras:

Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, and many other manufacturers make compact cameras, plenty of which can be housed for underwater video usage. The Sony RX-100 V is at the top of this list and shoots 4K at 60fps with complete manual control, though the Canon G7 X II is liked by many shooters for its similar specs and performance. Both of these cameras have a 1″ sensor, producing much better video and image quality. Also, the SeaLife DC2000 has a 20MP 1″ sensor and will be a preferred entry-level choice.

Mirrorless Cameras:

Mirrorless cameras are a brilliant choice for underwater video, having larger image sensors and functionality than compacts and much smaller size than DSLRs.  These cameras are ideal for videographers and photographers who don’t want the expense of a DSLR and like a compact rig for traveling.

Image quality in today’s mirrorless cameras rivals that of DSLRs, and many video shooters have dropped their video systems and DSLRs in favor of the popular mirrorless cameras for video.