Best Underwater Video Cameras (Part II) 

Dedicated Video Cameras:

There are a variety of underwater video cameras, you just have the find the one best suited for your needs.

Dedicated video cameras aren’t as well-liked as they once were (with non-pros) because new DSLRs deliver similar video quality, ability to shoot still images, and use a wide range of lenses, housings & ports. With that being said, Red Digital Cinema and Blackmagic are the most common choices for pros demanding 6K video, fast frame rates, uncompressed raw recording and beyond.


As with still photography, lighting is crucial in shooting great underwater video. Red filters are available for GoPros. However, one or two powerful video lights will make the best results for any camera shooting video.

Lighting begins with a tray and handles that will help the diver keep the camera steady while permitting ergonomic movement across the camera housing buttons. Strobe/light arms will hold the lights in the position wanted to depend on the subject and lighting effect desired.

Two video lights are ideal, however, new photographers can use a single light, especially when shooting macro video. There are numerous choices for video lights, including Kracken Sports, I-Torch, Light & Motion (Sola lights), FIX (Neo lights), and Big Blue.

Underwater Monitors

Monitors are very common among true underwater video shooters. There are many advantages to using a monitor, like having a big screen to look at, focus peaking, zebras, raw video output and more. Two popular brands are Small HD and Atomos. Both have several different housing choices.

Editing Software for Video

Most new computers and laptops have fundamental video editing software – iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. These programs are very easy to use (for smart computer users), permitting the editing of clips with transition effects, text, and soundtracks. GoPro Studio is a perfect, free solution for editing and sharing the underwater video. Serious video editors can then step up to paid programs such as Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro.