Best Microphones for Your Videos

When it comes to filming those attractive YouTube videos, there’s more to just having some great video quality. Most of the people who make YouTube videos (semi-pro or professionally) at times may forget about another part of the equation. What about the sound? A good thing for us in this day and age, microphones for YouTube videos come at a very affordable price (determined by what you’re after). We asked mic experts since we wanted to cover the base for all YouTubers when it comes to enhancing that sound quality for your videos.

Blue Yeti

If you are want a quick answer to the top microphone for YouTube and need a USB mic for the types of videos you’ll be filming, you should really think about Blue Yeti.

It’s wonderful for vlogging, commentary, and more. We even know some people who record their songs with this thing. It is a top computer microphone.

Apogee MiC 96k

The Apogee MiC 96k is another one of the top mics for YouTube video makers who are at their desk and a USB mic is what you want. It will offer astounding quality of sound quite similar to what you’d expect in the studio (we’ve learned that several musicians use this mic for acoustic recording or vocals). It connects to Mac, Window devices, and any smart device with at least a 3.5mm. This enable simple recording of top-quality external sound for any video regardless of what you’re using.

Focusrite Scarlett Studio Pack

Being determined as the top YouTube video microphone combo package, the Focusrite Scarlett Studio Pack is truly a favorite among vloggers not only because of the quality it delivers, but the money you’ll be capable of saving if you needed headphones and audio interface too.

Choosing Audio Recording Software

Choosing Audio Recording Software


The concern: “Just what features should I look for when picking audio recording software?”.
The response: “It relies on exactly what you wish to record.”.

There are several affordable recording programs available that could be made use of to record from existing media (tape, cd’s, plastic lp’s) or from radio and also internet broadcasts. Also these small cost software programs have editing functions and native effects that could be applied to the recording.

Live recording is optimal achieved by utilizing multitrack recording/editing software program that integrates devices and effects suitable for application to live voices and also instruments, one of one of the most crucial being compression. Compression is essential to level the extremes in quantity that unavoidably happen in live recording.
Called for attributes:.

1. Recording – record numerous stereo tracks.

2. Modifying – edit a track’s waveform.

3. Mixing – mix a number of tracks right into one stereo track.

4. Results – indigenous (built-in) effects such as delay, reverb, discolor in, go out, flanger, compressor and also various high/low filters.

5. File conversion – transform to/from the most popular music formats

More Features:

6. Plug-ins

7. Tearing – draw specific tracks from songs cd’s.

8. Burning – copy videotaped tracks to cd sound.
So, to conclude, if you are taping songs to computer system from pre-recorded media, you could certainly get by withsoftware on the reduced end of the cost range. However, if you want to produce specialist seeming mixes from real-time music, you’ll require the higher degree of refinement offered in a high quality multitrack tape-recording program.

Expense should not be an issue in the option as the distinction in rate between the low end software package as well as a quality multi-track program could be just $10 – $20.