Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part IV)



We all listen to music, watch TV series and movies regularly, play games, read books and buy new services and products. Share your experience with your audience. What you liked and what you didn’t like. 

Explain a Topic or Concept

If you know a lot about a specific topic because of school, work, or hobbies you can share this info with your viewers who don’t know about it.

Travel Vlogs

What’s in My Bag?

Create a video about what you are taking on your next trip. Tell your followers where you are going, how long you are staying and tell what you are bringing along and why.

Talk About Your Next or Previous Trip

Where are you traveling to and why? Or, where did you go last? Why did you want to go there, and did it fulfill your expectations?

Talk About Your Budget

Though many folks don’t like talking about money, it’s a very noteworthy topic to hear about from others. Especially if you are traveling since it can be very pricey or really cheap based on where you go.

If you’ve been traveling then give your audience some tips or talk about your experiences. 

Traveling Tips (or Do’s and Don’ts)

If you have traveled a lot, you most likely know a thing or two about what you shouldn’t or should do.

What are a few packing tips you can give others? How do you get ready for a long flight?

Travel Stories

Everyone loves a good travel story and you possibly have a couple of good travel stories of your own from your previous trips. Talk about something interesting, funny, or scary that occurred on one of your trips.

Show a Workout

Take your viewers along when you are working out. Show them your yoga or fitness routine so they can come along with you.

What I Eat in a Day

A very vital part of keeping fit is nutrition. Share with your followers what you eat on a normal day so you stay healthy.


Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part III)


Worst or Least Favorite [insert topic]

This is the opposite of our earlier vlog idea. Instead of selecting your favorites you can also do the opposite and choose the ones you dislike the most. What are the worst TV shows or films that you have ever watched?

Make a video about a special talent you have.

Share a Talent or Skill

Make a video about a special skill or talent you have. Perhaps you are excellent at singing or playing an instrument or perhaps you can do a funny imitation.

Cover an Event

If you are attending a cool event such as a sports match, a concert, or a food truck festival, take your camera with you and share the experience.

Funny Vlogs


Pranks always do quite well on YouTube and have an inclination to go viral which can get you a good number of subscribers and views. You can look around on YouTube to see which pranks do well and get plenty of comments and likes.


YouTube challenges are another good option if you are stressed to think of ideas for your vlog. Challenges are quick and simple to record, don’t necessitate much time and are very entertaining to watch for your followers. 

Reacting To

Reaction videos are frequently well-received on YouTube and can be funny to watch. A reaction video is a video where you film yourself reacting to ‘something’. You can look at some old videos, YouTube comments, or anything else that will create an entertaining reaction.


Even though it’s difficult to get correct, a parody of a film, music clip or video from another YouTuber can be comical.

Informational Vlogs

How To…”

If you know plenty about a specific topic you can make some ‘how to’ videos and tutorials to share the knowledge with your followers. This works particularly well if your YouTube channel is focused on a specific niche.


Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part II)

You’d be surprised at how many people find your daily routines interesting and useful.

Your Morning/Night Routine

What do you do in the morning to get ready for school or work? What do you do before going to bed at night? We all have our own distinct routines and it’s good to learn about others.

Day in The Life

Your vlogs are mainly a compilation of all the highlights of your day. Why not display the complete day for once? Try to get as much footage as possible from the minute you wake up to when you are going to bed. This gives your followers an insight into what a normal day in your life is like since they never really get to see that in your vlogs.

Draw My Life

A draw my life video is a video where you tell your life story and show it with drawings. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist. The drawings are just to aid you in telling your story and make the video more enjoyable to watch. It’s simpler if you have a little whiteboard with non-permanent markers but you could also do this with just paper and pen.

Facts About You

Create a list of surprising and interesting facts about you to tell your viewers. What food are you allergic to? What animal are you frightened of?

Tell a Story

Share a scary, cool, funny, or interesting story about your life. Disclose a cool experience, how you met your best friend or any other story you feel will be entertaining to your followers.


Also, you can rant about a subject that you feel strongly about. You can make a rant video about practically any topic from hobbies, sports, school or anything else.

Best or Favorite [insert topic]

Make a video devoted to your favorite movies, activities, music, products or something else. The best way to do this is to make a top 5 or top 10 video and explain why you like or love that film, product, etc.


Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part I)

Do you need inspiration for your vlog? Here are some ideas on how to create intriguing content for your viewers. 

Consistently uploading top-quality, entertaining vlogs is quite difficult.

You may feel like you are always doing the same thing in your vlogs and not creating enough new ideas. To help you change things up, here’s a list of distinct vlog ideas.

This list should make it simpler to create more original and new content for your viewers.


If this is your first vlog, begin with an introduction video. Tell your potential followers something about yourself. Who you are, what you do and what you want to accomplish with your vlogging channel.

Too many folks on the web, you are a complete stranger and they want to know you better before they know if they want to subscribe for your vlog.

Future Channel Plans

Tell your viewers about where you see your channel in the future. What type of videos will you be uploading, how often do you expect to upload and what are you hoping to achieve with your channel.

Overcoming a Personal Struggle

We all have our own personal struggles we are dealing with or have successfully managed.

Talking about this is a good way to unite with viewers as it displays you are human.

Personal Vlogs

Vlogging channels are frequently personal but can also be focused on specific topics such as fitness, beauty or music. These vlog ideas are for videos concentrated on you so your followers can get to know you better.

Share Your Goals

What are your life goals? What do you want to achieve in your career, where do you want to live or travel? We all have things we are aspiring for and they tell plenty about us.

Your Bucket List

Plenty of folks keep a bucket list of things they want to do in their life. What is on your bucket list?

House or Room Tour

Your viewers typically only see one camera angle but cannot see the rest of your home. Since viewers are typically curious, you can devote a whole video to showcasing your home.

If you run technology or gaming-related channel, you can make a video displaying your setup and what equipment you use to make your videos.

How to Become a Videographer

Videography is a unique yet demanding field of work.

Videography is a competitive field that demands creativity, ambition, and technical knowledge. You can prepare to be a videographer by having the right education and experience under your belt. Once you get into the field, you can work on finding jobs, creating a portfolio, and developing a unique style.

Videographers look for careers with television stations, movie studios and directors, news agencies and other media companies, with universities, courts, and other public institutions, as social media consultants, or documenting events such as weddings.

Getting an Education

Get a high school education. You can begin preparing for a career as a videographer while you are still in high school. Find and take any courses at your school that involve working with film.

Some high schools have courses in broadcasting, technology, film, art, or journalism that might involve components relevant to videography.

Take part in your school’s news program, if it has one, as a chance to practice filming.

Register for any student film contests.

Get a college degree. While you don’t really need a specific degree in order to work as a videographer, most in the field have a bachelor’s degree in some area that is related to broadcasting or film. While earning a degree, you will get valuable technical skills and experiences. Courses you can take and possible majors are:

  • Communications
  • Cinematography
  • Broadcasting
  • Video editing
  • Film theory
  • Computer science
  • Script analysis
  • Media ethics
  • Screenwriting

Learn everything you can about video equipment and software. As a videographer, you will consistently be working with camera equipment and editing software, so it’s a fantastic idea to begin practicing with these ASAP. While digital cameras and computer software are the state of the art, you may also gain some familiarity with another sort of equipment and editing techniques.

Professional video equipment and software can be pricey, but if you are serious about becoming a videographer, it could be worth the investment.


The Growing Popularity of Vloggers (Part I) 

A view on the growing popularity of vloggers, and the effect this has on the idea of “celebrity” and the influence on the new media world.

Vloggers have redesigned how to bring content to the public.

Vloggers have only really come onto the scene in the last couple of years. Most of them have already become quite successful in their early 20’s and have vast fanbases to boot, whilst the rest of us are still coasting trying to figure out what to do with our lives. What makes them so popular? At the end of the day, for most folks, they’re just individuals who film from their bedrooms and make money doing so.

Although we have no idea how much they truly earn, it’s apparent they’re not scrapping the bottom of the barrel.  In 2013- director of YouTube Sarah Mormino said YouTubers earning soared over 60%. Today it’s most likely higher.

Even YouTube is trying to increase the vlogging community and produce more “creators” since it realized its popularity and the need for YouTube videos to do so. It’s the YouTube platform that teaches other folks how to turn YouTube into a career.

Why We Like Vloggers

The truth is people are nosy. Most folks like watching what someone’s been buying or doing on a day-to-day basis, regardless of how mundane. YouTubers are “real” people. Furthermore, there is a YouTube genre to satisfy everyone: beauty, lifestyle, gaming, baking, fashion, food, technology, politics, travel or just even watching families vlog their day.

We can all relate to them and we might even be a bit jealous of them. Some of us might watch them for motivation for clothes, baking, budgeting, cleaning, etc. We all need an outlet or help at some point in our lives. Even Sarah Mormino said that YouTubers have “captured a new way of making content and a new way of engaging an audience.”

Last Will & Testament Video?

There is no such thing as a video will. It’s the law that to be valid, a will must be signed and on paper. In most cases, a will has to be dated and signed by two witnesses who observed the will-maker sign it.

So if you have nothing but a video of the deceased’s last wishes, you don’t have a will that will hold up in court. Of course, if everyone agrees to follow the video wishes, and taxes and debts are paid, then there’s no issue with all accepting a recorded statement as a kind of will. Just don’t think that a probate court, bank, or other institution that manages any assets in the deceased person’s name will accept it.

If There’s a Video of the Will-Signing. If the individual who made the will read the will on camera or videoed the will signing, this documentation can be helpful.

A person is saying that the will wasn’t executed correctly. For a will to be valid, it must be signed with definite formalities. There has to be two adult witnesses and the will-maker has to tell them that the document is her or his final will. A video can show that the witnesses saw the will-maker sign and then signed the document themselves. This way, no one could state that the will wasn’t witnessed properly.

Relatives are confused or mad about provisions of the will. Most family fights after a death are caused by surprises. For instance, if the kids assumed to getting equivalent shares of a parent’s estate, but don’t, bad feelings are next. If the will-maker left a video, it could calm them down. For instance, if a parent told that she or he was leaving more money to one of the kids because she or he had already given the others money to help buy their own places, it could help prevent rumors about the parent’s reasoning and fights among the children.

The Importance of Video in Social Media

How vital is video in today’s social media? Some would believe that it’s truly everything, and there are some who have created a prosperous social media marketing campaign completely around video.

There are a few real reasons why video has become very important:

It’s popular. Videos receive more sharing and other collaboration on social media than other sorts of content. Folks love videos!

Videos attract the most active group of folks online, young folks.

Many social media sites have features that let you share video with ease. There are many tools that make video production simple.

One last reason is that your competition is already using video.

Video is likely to become even more crucial in the future, so if you’re not using it presently, it’s time to get it going. A great place to begin is to study your own social media activity. Have you viewed any videos on social media recently? What kind were they and why did you view them? This will give you some concepts on the sort of videos you can make yourself.

For many businesses just starting with video, it’s hard to think about what you could create. Here are a few ideas for videos that you can create yourself:

Solve a Problem/Answer a Question

Take a common problem or question that your experience, knowledge, and skills can solve, and resolve it in front of a camera. This is really handy for businesses that do services like repair or cleaning work.

Talk in Front of the Camera

Video blogs or vlogs are effortless but very popular on the web. This is where an individual just sits in front of the camera and talks. Take a topic that’s of interest to your audience and you know about and discuss it in a quick video lasting no more than a few minutes.

What Type of Channel Should I Create?

Sitting in front of your tablet, notebook, smart TV/phone, you’ve most likely have absorbed numerous YouTube videos. Some of these might have been advertisements, some tutorials. You might have watched some unboxing videos, seen people applying makeup, enjoying some singer performing, or laughed over some reaction videos.

But which ones are the most popular? And if you were to start a YouTube channel, which of these popular video types should you go with?

Let’s look at your options.

Unboxing Video

It is perhaps the most unusual of all the YouTube videos, watching someone open a box and (with any luck) get some great things inside. Yet this video genre is very popular and really simple to create. All you need is an unopened box full of whatever and a camera placed in a position to video it all.

As long as you’re talking while the unboxing is happening, you should be able to make a video that people will like. Note that some unboxing videos have music instead of commentary. These usually are shorter.

Everybody Loves Time-Lapse Videos

One very easy way to make a video is to use a time-lapse camera. If you’re using a smartphone, then you can use a time-lapse app. These tools are easy to use and can create remarkable results, which is why these types of videos are so popular with creators and viewers.

Video Game Walkthroughs

Gaming enthusiast? With the aid of a screen capture device, or video camera, you can pass on your skill for a particular level and/or while entertaining viewers at the same time. Video games as a spectator sport is a fairly new phenomenon, one made popular by Twitch.tv, where over 50 million gamers come together on a monthly basis. Some gamers have become celebrities in the world of Twitch.tv.

Top YouTubers in the World

YouTube has blown up since 2005 when it first got started It has become the platform for the next generation of celebrities.

We did the math and found YouTube’s biggest independent stars according to how many subscribers each one has.


2 billion total views
11 million total subscribers

As a child, Olajide “KSI” Olatunji played EA Sports’ line of FIFA video games all day and night long in his parents’ home. In 2009, he started uploading footage of himself playing and commenting on YouTube. His username KSIOlajidebt is a union of his first name, a Halo franchise clan, and British telecom.

Porta dos Fundos

2 billion total views
11 million total subscribers

Porta dos Fundos, which means back door, aren’t well known in the US, but they’re a famous Brazilian comedy group who started on YouTube.

Ray William Johnson

3 billion total views
11 million total subscribers

Ray William Johnson is a YouTuber well known for his show

Ray William Johnson

“Equals Three,” where he offers comedic commentary for viral videos. He has been one of the most well-known YouTubers for a long time, thanks to the show, which has had big celebrity guests like Sarah Silverman and Robin Williams.

He recently took time away from “Equals Three” to concentrate on new TV projects and live shows. “Equals Three” will go on with a new host and Johnson is still posting life blogs from the channel.


4 billion total views
11 million total subscribers

Samuel de Luque is a widely well-known Spanish YouTuber. His voiceovers are famous for a few game videos (Saint’s Row, Battlefield, and Minecraft).

His signature style is to make highly crafted narratives and back stories for the characters in his video-game videos to make them like a film.

His fan base is primarily in Latin America and Spain.