Connecting With Others Through Vlogging

Will introducing video blogging to your website allow you to better connect with your clients or target audience? Absolutely.

Most people know very little about the places we do business with. We can read about a business’s history or go through their “About Us” page, but there’s something about seeing a human being talking directly to you that is more relatable. The more human your company appears, the more trustworthy you appear and the more customers you will gain. People like to see a face behind the company.

So how do you effectively connect with the visitors to your blog?

  1. Be genuine and let your personality through. You are your best salesman, you need to be authentic and real with your videos, so that people feel a connection with you.
  2. If you want to interact with your visitors, respond in your vlog with someone’s question and your answer. This allows others to believe that you are reading your comments and taking their suggestions under advisement. This creates a connection with your audience and lets them know you are involved in what you are doing.
  3. Reply in the comments, answer questions and provide follow-up information for the people that need it. Engage with commentators and you will encourage them to return again and again.

Connecting with your viewers is important, you stay relevant with them and they want to keep coming back. This links them back to your website and drives traffic. All the more reason to video blog and interact!