Hot YouTube Video Topics

Folks post videos to YouTube about almost everything, from news shows travel clips to comedy to concerts to hairstyle techniques and much more. However, when it comes to the videos that go truly viral not every subject has what it takes. An assessment of the YouTube videos most watched tells that there are some topics that seem to top the charts when it comes to hitting the jackpot in the making videos world.

Almost all of the most seen videos on YouTube come into the categories below. You can look to these topics for encouragement if you are trying to create the next YouTube hit to entertain the masses.

Music Videos

If you take a look at the most watched YouTube videos ever, you’ll notice that over half of them are music videos.

Kids and Babies

Folks seem to get a real kick out of babies and kids. Two out of the top five YouTube videos are baby clips!

Part of the appeal of children and baby videos is that there is something so pure and real about them. These kids don’t realize they’re being funny. They’re just being kids and we blossom on that innocence. If you’ve got children, have your video camera handy.

Surprising Talent

A child plays the electric guitar like Clapton, Susan Boyle floors Simon Cowell, etc.

Millions of viewers on YouTube watch these types of videos every day. People love to watch and hear and see people who are talented, even more so if the person delivers unexpected talent.

Pets and Animals

Although there aren’t a large number of animal videos on YouTube’s most viewed video list, there’s no argument that animal and pet videos have the capability to go viral in a big way. Everyone loves looking at animals, particularly cute animals.