How to Create an App (Part II)

Step 3: Research, research, and then research some more.

Now you can turn your computer on. This isn’t the time to begin blindly creating your app.  The leg work is not even close to being done.  You must dig deep and research the competitors of your app idea.  You might think you have a unique idea. However, the numbers are not in your favor. Odds are another person has already tried it.

You can see this in two different ways.  One, you can become disheartened and give up. Two, you can check out the rivalry and make your app better.  Go for the latter.  Look at the competition’s reviews.  What did folks dislike or like about the app?  Then, use that info to your advantage.  Go back to notes from steps one and two. Change and adjust your idea accordingly.

After reading and adjusting, your research needs to change focus a little.  It’s time to use the power of the web.  Is your app a real feasible idea?  Here’s where you will check copyright limitations and possible technical holds ups.  This step is critical because it saves you money in the long run.  You can’t go forward and spend time on an idea that doesn’t work.  Look for any glitches and discover ways around them. You don’t want to have to back track.

Step 4: Wireframe

In the technology world, a wireframe is just a good-looking story board.  Here is where you take your design and your sketch idea add some functionality and clarity.  This will be the basis for your app’s development. It is a really vital step. There are many wireframing websites that you can use to assist you in bringing your sketches to digital life with functionality like icons and click throughs. The secret is discovering one that you like and that is simple for you to use.