How to Shoot Video Like a Professional (Part I)


Regardless if you hope to become a media videographer or only want to understand how to shoot professional-looking videos, you have to have more than good equipment. Learning many basic video tips will help with the frustration of numerous videographers’ experience. Before long, the normal tricks will become so customary that you’ll be able to focus on creativity and not just the fundamentals.

You can use a tripod to shoot a steady video.

Shoot Steady Video

A tripod is a simple answer to creating a steady video but avoid becoming reliant on it. You can shoot steady videos without carrying around a lot of gear.

Get your body in position so that each breath you take doesn’t lead to unnecessary camera motion. Use the wall, ground, or another object to support the camera and get thought-provoking visual perspectives. By ditching the tripod, you get the freedom to move around a scene without being stuck in one spot.

Create Creative Shots

If you don’t want your videos to appear as they came from a surveillance camera, you’ve got to know how to play with perspective and angles. Creating interesting videos entails learning creative shooting methods.

A beginner usually shoots everything away from the action or from the corner of a room. By putting yourself in the middle of what’s going on, you will get pics that aren’t achievable from a distance. Try different angles by shooting below and above your subjects.

Practice Widescreen Videos

With the dominance of smartphone cameras, even home videos are moving toward widescreen formats. Think of how you can make this extra visual space work for you.

You can get much more content in a single shot. Don’t forget that widescreen video doesn’t mean shooting every wide shot. Television is still a profound medium. Close-ups of faces will display more emotion than a group shot.