How to Shoot Video Like a Professional (Part III)


Position Lights for the Look You Want

Using television lights will provide your videos with a crisp look. However, good lighting entails more than blasting your subject with as much wattage as you can.

Understanding where to position lights makes all the difference in getting a natural effect instead of making folks look as though they’re about to have surgery.

Turn out all the lights in a room and use just your equipment to highlight what you desire.

Get professional results with these tips for your interview.

Compose Creative Interviews

At some point, you’ll want to take a video of someone talking into the camera. It could be a conversation or a sit-down news interview. Plan the interview shoot to get professional results.

Think about the background. If you’re speaking to someone about traffic in their community, show cars in the distance. If you’re interviewing a mom about the day her baby was born, put her in a cozy setting, close to a fireplace.

Then determine how tight you want to shoot the interview. There is the normal head-and-shoulders look, but you might want to interview a farmer on his tractor with some of the tractors in the shot. A very emotional interview has to be shot tight so that you can see into the individual’s eyes.

Capture Good Sound

Good audio is a critical complement to top-quality video. Without it, your video might be useless.

The two most typical mistakes inexperienced videographers make are to ignore recording audio and to not monitor the sound they’re receiving. Think about capturing just a silent video of a child’s birthday party. You might be able to see the other children laughing and singing, but without hearing it, the video is spoiled.

Becoming an amazing videographer isn’t too hard, though it does take some practice and time. Learning these vital techniques will go a long way toward launching you in your video career.