Kickstart Your Beauty Channel with These Ideas

Getting started with a YouTube channel can be somewhat difficult. You’ve got to consider your name, what you’re going to use to video on and how to market your channel. Over time, there have been many guides created to help vloggers on how to film, what sort of channel you should make, and what name you should go after. Now here’s some information to help you jump start your channel, some ideas bound to get you numerous views, videos that are easy and simple to make.

We’re going to talk about beauty, so if you’ve got dreams of becoming the next high-earning YouTube vlogger, read on.

It can be overpowering when your first start getting your channel together. There are so many remarkable creators out there and everyone wants a piece of the pie. So how do you stand apart from the rest? Our advice for when you do your first few videos is not to worry about making a big unique production. Just get yourself confident, relaxing, and comfortable in front of the camera. These videos are easy to make, simple to edit and let you discover your rhythm.

Facts About Me

What better way for your audience to get to know you than by creating a fact video? This is quite a popular first video and we can see why.

What’s In My Bag

One of the most interesting and oldest sort of beauty videos on YouTube, this can simply be filmed in one take and ready to upload. You record yourself opening and going through your bag, describing and reviewing things a long the way.

A Haul

Who doesn’t love a great old haul? Another simple to film video and one which lets you to do a little shopping, hauls are widely popular on YouTube and a first video for many. Best tip for you? Mark it with the month, year, and store in the video title to help with search. For example “Ulta Haul, February 2018”.