Making Money Vlogging Using YouTube

Making money by video blogging through YouTube is popular among vloggers. But it does depend on how you monetize your channel and how many views you are getting, so it’s not going to be a way to get rich by video blogging. But it can be a way to have residual income as well as directing traffic to your website.

There are two main ways to make money through YouTube:

Monetize through Ads.  This is the most popular way of monetizing your channel, but it can also be the least profitable. So how do you know if this will work for you? Start making your videos and promoting them through your website or social media. Connect your AdSense account to your YouTube channel and let it run for a few days. Once you start getting enough views, YouTube will send you an email about joining their partner program. They will show ads in your videos and you get paid. If you’re generating a decent CPM (Cost per thousand views) then you can focus on creating content that drives increased views and monetize this way. For most channels, though, it’s not going to earn much unless you have millions of views.

Affiliate Products. Promoting affiliate products is probably the number one way for most channels to earn some extra income from their views. If there are products or services that you love to use or find really helpful in the course of your work, you can recommend these products and create affiliate links. You will get a chance to promote some of the software and tools you use with your subscribers who already know, like and trust you. But remember, don’t promoting products just to get a link back for the money, this is an easy way to lose trust with subscribers as well as reduce the number of shares you get.

You could, of course, sell your own products or services on YouTube. This is a great option for when you are a consultant or offer a service that would interest your customers. Make demonstration videos describing what you offer and how you can help, and direct traffic back to your website.