Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part IV)



We all listen to music, watch TV series and movies regularly, play games, read books and buy new services and products. Share your experience with your audience. What you liked and what you didn’t like. 

Explain a Topic or Concept

If you know a lot about a specific topic because of school, work, or hobbies you can share this info with your viewers who don’t know about it.

Travel Vlogs

What’s in My Bag?

Create a video about what you are taking on your next trip. Tell your followers where you are going, how long you are staying and tell what you are bringing along and why.

Talk About Your Next or Previous Trip

Where are you traveling to and why? Or, where did you go last? Why did you want to go there, and did it fulfill your expectations?

Talk About Your Budget

Though many folks don’t like talking about money, it’s a very noteworthy topic to hear about from others. Especially if you are traveling since it can be very pricey or really cheap based on where you go.

If you’ve been traveling then give your audience some tips or talk about your experiences. 

Traveling Tips (or Do’s and Don’ts)

If you have traveled a lot, you most likely know a thing or two about what you shouldn’t or should do.

What are a few packing tips you can give others? How do you get ready for a long flight?

Travel Stories

Everyone loves a good travel story and you possibly have a couple of good travel stories of your own from your previous trips. Talk about something interesting, funny, or scary that occurred on one of your trips.

Show a Workout

Take your viewers along when you are working out. Show them your yoga or fitness routine so they can come along with you.

What I Eat in a Day

A very vital part of keeping fit is nutrition. Share with your followers what you eat on a normal day so you stay healthy.


Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part III)


Worst or Least Favorite [insert topic]

This is the opposite of our earlier vlog idea. Instead of selecting your favorites you can also do the opposite and choose the ones you dislike the most. What are the worst TV shows or films that you have ever watched?

Make a video about a special talent you have.

Share a Talent or Skill

Make a video about a special skill or talent you have. Perhaps you are excellent at singing or playing an instrument or perhaps you can do a funny imitation.

Cover an Event

If you are attending a cool event such as a sports match, a concert, or a food truck festival, take your camera with you and share the experience.

Funny Vlogs


Pranks always do quite well on YouTube and have an inclination to go viral which can get you a good number of subscribers and views. You can look around on YouTube to see which pranks do well and get plenty of comments and likes.


YouTube challenges are another good option if you are stressed to think of ideas for your vlog. Challenges are quick and simple to record, don’t necessitate much time and are very entertaining to watch for your followers. 

Reacting To

Reaction videos are frequently well-received on YouTube and can be funny to watch. A reaction video is a video where you film yourself reacting to ‘something’. You can look at some old videos, YouTube comments, or anything else that will create an entertaining reaction.


Even though it’s difficult to get correct, a parody of a film, music clip or video from another YouTuber can be comical.

Informational Vlogs

How To…”

If you know plenty about a specific topic you can make some ‘how to’ videos and tutorials to share the knowledge with your followers. This works particularly well if your YouTube channel is focused on a specific niche.


Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part II)

You’d be surprised at how many people find your daily routines interesting and useful.

Your Morning/Night Routine

What do you do in the morning to get ready for school or work? What do you do before going to bed at night? We all have our own distinct routines and it’s good to learn about others.

Day in The Life

Your vlogs are mainly a compilation of all the highlights of your day. Why not display the complete day for once? Try to get as much footage as possible from the minute you wake up to when you are going to bed. This gives your followers an insight into what a normal day in your life is like since they never really get to see that in your vlogs.

Draw My Life

A draw my life video is a video where you tell your life story and show it with drawings. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist. The drawings are just to aid you in telling your story and make the video more enjoyable to watch. It’s simpler if you have a little whiteboard with non-permanent markers but you could also do this with just paper and pen.

Facts About You

Create a list of surprising and interesting facts about you to tell your viewers. What food are you allergic to? What animal are you frightened of?

Tell a Story

Share a scary, cool, funny, or interesting story about your life. Disclose a cool experience, how you met your best friend or any other story you feel will be entertaining to your followers.


Also, you can rant about a subject that you feel strongly about. You can make a rant video about practically any topic from hobbies, sports, school or anything else.

Best or Favorite [insert topic]

Make a video devoted to your favorite movies, activities, music, products or something else. The best way to do this is to make a top 5 or top 10 video and explain why you like or love that film, product, etc.


Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part I)

Do you need inspiration for your vlog? Here are some ideas on how to create intriguing content for your viewers. 

Consistently uploading top-quality, entertaining vlogs is quite difficult.

You may feel like you are always doing the same thing in your vlogs and not creating enough new ideas. To help you change things up, here’s a list of distinct vlog ideas.

This list should make it simpler to create more original and new content for your viewers.


If this is your first vlog, begin with an introduction video. Tell your potential followers something about yourself. Who you are, what you do and what you want to accomplish with your vlogging channel.

Too many folks on the web, you are a complete stranger and they want to know you better before they know if they want to subscribe for your vlog.

Future Channel Plans

Tell your viewers about where you see your channel in the future. What type of videos will you be uploading, how often do you expect to upload and what are you hoping to achieve with your channel.

Overcoming a Personal Struggle

We all have our own personal struggles we are dealing with or have successfully managed.

Talking about this is a good way to unite with viewers as it displays you are human.

Personal Vlogs

Vlogging channels are frequently personal but can also be focused on specific topics such as fitness, beauty or music. These vlog ideas are for videos concentrated on you so your followers can get to know you better.

Share Your Goals

What are your life goals? What do you want to achieve in your career, where do you want to live or travel? We all have things we are aspiring for and they tell plenty about us.

Your Bucket List

Plenty of folks keep a bucket list of things they want to do in their life. What is on your bucket list?

House or Room Tour

Your viewers typically only see one camera angle but cannot see the rest of your home. Since viewers are typically curious, you can devote a whole video to showcasing your home.

If you run technology or gaming-related channel, you can make a video displaying your setup and what equipment you use to make your videos.

Advantages of Video Live Streaming Services (Part II)


Analytics Tracking

It’s vital to be able to see and evaluate the return on investment (ROI) you have made on your live stream. You will need analytic dashboards and tracking tools to appraise the outcome of your live event. With numerous video live streaming services, you can see pertinent metrics such as engagements, viewer numbers, and behaviors. This data will aid you in identifying more clearly who your true customers are.

You can watch on your mobile device.

Mobile Viewing

Most of your possible viewers now have access to and often use smartphones and other smart devices. People today see most of the video content online via a mobile device.

It’s critical to keep up with these fads and to make sure that consumers can easily retrieve your live stream with a smartphone. Many platforms will let you stream your content to tablets and mobile devices via the dynamic HTML5 player. This technology lets viewers access your live stream anywhere, anytime.


There are numerous free video live streaming services. However, free services have spam-filled pop-up ads that annoy your viewers. Professional streaming services are better for businesses, and plenty of them aren’t as pricey as you may imagine. DaCast, for instance, provides a free trial month for first-time users. 

Completely Ad-Free

We’ve all had to look at unwanted ads at the start of a Youtube video. You, and your viewers, don’t have to suffer through promotions and ads when you use a professional video live streaming service.

Most have ad-free viewing hours so that you don’t have to burden your viewers with unwanted ads. Some platforms, such as DaCast, are white-label services, implying that no ads of any sort are allowed on your page. Your live stream player comes with control buttons that let you personalize your content to your liking.


Using video live streaming services can aid you in standing out from the rest. They show your followers that you are a tech-savvy and forward-thinking business skilled at using advanced, innovative solutions. 

Advantages of Video Live Streaming Services (Part I)

Aside from your appetizers, look into a way to stream your event live.

Are you seeking new ways to spice up an upcoming event? Do you have all the snacks, beverages, materials, and giveaways ready to go, yet you believe something is missing? Have you ever thought about broadcasting your event live? If so, keep reading to find out more about the benefits of video live streaming service. 

The Benefits of Video Live Streaming Services

There are numerous advantages to using a video live streaming service to broadcast your event. A video live streaming service can be effective in a huge variety of contexts, including services, products, promotions, live announcements, church services, online classes, and wildlife broadcasting. 

Also, businesses can use live broadcasts to maximize and enhance direct communication with community partners and customers. Regardless if used by individuals or companies, live streaming an event gives you the chance to reach and interact with more folks around the globe.

As useful as live streaming can be, establishing a live stream on your own does necessitate technical skills.  You can buy your own server, but this choice might ultimately be too pricey and/or too difficult. If you aren’t really familiar with streaming technology, it’s usually more affordable and easier to use an existing video live streaming service. Using a live streaming platform makes it simpler and easier for you to broadcast your live event, with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Payment Scheme Included

At this point, you might be wondering: how can I make money from live events without advertisements? The answer: you can charge viewers to watch your live stream just like they’d pay for a concert or movie ticket. Viewers can pay via a monthly subscription or a pay-per-view model. It’s up to you to select the payment plan that works for you and your video live streaming objectives.

Why We Love Cat Videos (Scientifically Speaking)

Cat videos are popular. 

The online world is full of funny, cute, mesmerizing, and mundane videos. In reality, over 100 hours are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. However, while videos of prancing puppies and babbling babies are among the favorites, few clips are quite as engrossing as the web’s most celebrated creations: cat videos.

What is it precisely that makes cat footage so popular? Well, researchers have looked at numerous hours of cat videos online to find out.

The conclusion? To get the short answer, it’s because cats don’t give a hoot about being filmed. This is a really rare thing these days, specifically at a time that we ourselves are a little unnerved about being watched.

Cats appear to really oblivious to the camera. That appears quite a contrast to other similar videos online. Particularly other cute videos such as videos of puppies and babies. 

Cat videos are comparably way more popular, and cats don’t seem to recognize the camera at all and just do whatever they like, they are unaware of it. It is really alluring to audiences who are so used to being under the watchful eye of a camera these days.

Researchers believe that cat videos have two main pleasures: that it let viewers imagine a world where we are not under persistent surveillance, while at the same time letting us watch something else’s life without messing it up. 

Ultimately cat videos let viewers have their own surveillance. We do so with the delighted abandon of a kitty jumping in a tissue box.

This fits with well-liked discourses of cats as aloof and independent, untamable and untrainable. Cat videos have a distinct mode of observation. We watch the cat, which is unfettered by our scrutiny. Cats do what they want to do. Either you like it or not. Cats don’t care.

Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview (Part III)

Prepare your resume before the interview.

Other than you’re not meeting the interview in-person, the interview process will be like an in-person interview. The interviewer’s goal is the same. You will be asked the same sort of interview questions. Also, be ready to ask questions too.

If you’re unsure about how the interview is going, it’s okay to ask the interviewer how you are doing.

What’s most vital is to consider this sort of interview just as crucial as if you were meeting the interviewer in her or his office. The value, for yourself as well as for the hiring manager, is equal and interviewing successfully, regardless of how it takes place, is the answer to getting hired.

What Employers Expect to See

What do employers want to see when they look at videos from candidates for employment?

Answer the questions asked, not the questions you desire to be asked. Hiring managers and recruiters want to know you can do the job, so they ask particular questions. A video is a quicker way for them to screen seekers than standard applications, so don’t give them a reason to toss yours.

Show creativity. In your responses, tell of an experience that shows how you can do the required work. If you are applying to be a chef, for instance, tape your answers in the kitchen while you’re making a dish.

Be presentable. Be sure you are dressed and groomed correctly and practice your answers, so you have the best representation of yourself. Videos are a good way to stand out from the other job seekers who have only their online text resumes or paper applications. The best videos get forwarded and replayed several times.

Have a resume and application ready. Video can get you in the door, but standard materials still get used at some point in the hiring process. Be sure your best points and experiences match what you’re saying in the video.

Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview (Part II)



During your test run, look at the background that appears in the video. Does it look distracting or cluttered? Plan to have your background be neat. An office-like setting or plain wall is perfect.

Pay attention to the lighting for your video.

Pay attention to the lighting as well. You do not want to have light sources behind you because that will leave your face in the shadows. 

On the day of the interview, dress professionally, wearing the same clothing you would for an in-person interview. Pick clothing that is neutral in color and does not blend into the background. 

While the camera angle should be from the waist up if there is any chance you will have to stand up, be sure your skirt or pants are professional. No pajama bottoms, shorts, or underwear.

During the Video Interview

Be sure the table and your surroundings are tidy and clean. You don’t want to divert the interviewer.

If you’re interviewing in your house, be sure that you are in a quiet space with no children, music, barking dogs, or other noise. Also, turn off your cell and any alerts on your computer to not get sidetracked by IMs or emails during the interview. The microphone will pick up any sound in the room, so don’t shuffle papers or tap your pen.

Make eye contact, and remember, that means looking at the camera and not at the picture-in-picture of yourself. Use the same good posture you would use in an in-person office interview. Don’t make any hand gestures if possible.  

The Video Interview Process

The company picks candidates for video interviews.

Arrangements for an interview are scheduled, whether it is a company office, at home with your own webcam, an off-site location with a webcam setup, or with a webcam sent to the applicant.

A tutorial will give instructions on the interview and the webcam. There will be questions related to the position the company is hiring for. Usually, the applicant will get 30 seconds to read the question and a few minutes to respond.


Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview (Part I)


Do you have a video interview coming up? As hiring gets global and more employees to work remotely, video interviews are becoming commonplace. For recruiters and hiring managers, they’re a way to swiftly conduct first-round interviews, saving on transportation costs, and getting the interview process going way quicker than scheduling in-person interviews.

Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview

The key to a successful video interview is to prepare beforehand so that you don’t have any technical issues and are self-assured with the process.

Take a look at the following tips to be sure you ace this sort of interview. Bear in mind, a video interview has as much weight as an interview done in-person. Therefore, you will want to be sure that you’re completely ready to interview remotely.

Make sure to show up a little early for your interview and be prepared.

Advance Planning

For an interview in the company office, get there early, so you have time to become situated. Ask for help if you aren’t sure how to use the equipment. Even if you feel you can figure it out, it’s okay to ask for a fast overview.

For a Video Interview at Home:

If you are using your own equipment, do a test run 24 – 48 hours before the interview. 

Set up your camera and any microphone or headset as if you were going to do the real interview. If possible, use the same video technology that you’ll be using during the interview. That way, you don’t have any last-minute installation problems or password issues right before your interview. 

Your camera should be at eye level. An incorrectly placed camera can result in weird shadows or unappealing double chins. Check to be sure your sound equipment works correctly. 

It doesn’t matter the location, be sure that you send any materials (portfolio, resume, etc.) that the recruiter needs way in advance.