The Growing Popularity of Vloggers (Part I) 

A view on the growing popularity of vloggers, and the effect this has on the idea of “celebrity” and the influence on the new media world.

Vloggers have redesigned how to bring content to the public.

Vloggers have only really come onto the scene in the last couple of years. Most of them have already become quite successful in their early 20’s and have vast fanbases to boot, whilst the rest of us are still coasting trying to figure out what to do with our lives. What makes them so popular? At the end of the day, for most folks, they’re just individuals who film from their bedrooms and make money doing so.

Although we have no idea how much they truly earn, it’s apparent they’re not scrapping the bottom of the barrel.  In 2013- director of YouTube Sarah Mormino said YouTubers earning soared over 60%. Today it’s most likely higher.

Even YouTube is trying to increase the vlogging community and produce more “creators” since it realized its popularity and the need for YouTube videos to do so. It’s the YouTube platform that teaches other folks how to turn YouTube into a career.

Why We Like Vloggers

The truth is people are nosy. Most folks like watching what someone’s been buying or doing on a day-to-day basis, regardless of how mundane. YouTubers are “real” people. Furthermore, there is a YouTube genre to satisfy everyone: beauty, lifestyle, gaming, baking, fashion, food, technology, politics, travel or just even watching families vlog their day.

We can all relate to them and we might even be a bit jealous of them. Some of us might watch them for motivation for clothes, baking, budgeting, cleaning, etc. We all need an outlet or help at some point in our lives. Even Sarah Mormino said that YouTubers have “captured a new way of making content and a new way of engaging an audience.”