The Growing Popularity of Vloggers (Part II) 

There are many different types of vloggers.

Many YouTubers never intended for their channels to get so popular, for most it began as an outlet/hobby and now they’re on magazine covers, like Glamour and Cosmopolitan and releasing merchandise and novels on a daily basis.

Why are they so Popular?

Zoella, with more than 10 million subscribers, regularly talks about managing anxiety, which many young adults can identify with. Hearing people in the “spotlight” go through similar problems as the rest of us makes them more than just someone we like, someone we can all look up to and learn from and they feel so much more “real.”

With her fresh face and nice attitude, many young adults call Zoella/Zoe Sugg their “big sister” since they have similar problems and she’s there for them at a click of a button. It’s not just Zoella, who speaks of anxiety, although not as often, is Tanya Burr who again uses this as a way to connect with her fan base.

Not only problems of anxiety come up on YouTube. Celebrities coming out like Ingrid Neilson and Joey Graceffa allowing their fans to identify with them, as for both of them not many of their friends and family were even aware before coming out on YouTube.

Despite society being more accepting of homosexuality, this was still a huge moment for the media platform, with over 30million hits on both their coming out videos, a vast number of subscribers gave their support and others gave their criticisms. But for lots of them who follow the vloggers, this gave them the confidence to come out to their friends and family, which helps bring the LGBT community forward.

Unlike normal celebrities, vloggers open up their abodes and lives on the web which makes them more recognizable with the public. You’ll never hear a vlogger say the word “fan” and most of them referring to them as friends, which is part of their appeal with people.