Things to Avoid When Video Conferencing from Home (Part II)


Video Gaffes

You may feel this doesn’t have to be said, but if you are in a roomful of folks, and you are part of a video conference with other far-flung rooms of folks. You are in front of your group. This is not the time to be filing your nails. Remember where you are. You are in a work meeting. Have some respect for your company and your colleagues.

Somewhere on every piece of video conferencing equipment, you can mute your audio so that you cannot be heard. You should be very familiar with the location of this button and be able to click it on with a quickness. 

Family Issues

Of course, hearing a wailing baby in a conference call is an issue. That’s apparent. But what about the cursing spouse audible in the background or the naked little one streaking by you during a video conference. If you’re trying to display professionalism while you work at home, these will emasculate you in a huge way. Be sure your family knows and abides by your work-at-home rules.

As much as you love your pets, it’s probably best to leave them away from the camera when video conferencing.

Pet Issues

Who doesn’t love their doggie or kitty? The folks with whom you’re having a video conference who have to listen to your dog barking or your cat meowing. 

Unless there’s a small group in the meeting and you feel you have obtained a high level of trust and confidence with these folks, it’s not a great idea to put your pet on your lap during your video meeting.

A home office must have a door so that you can shut out pets, children and other distractions during phone meetings and video meetings. Also, this is useful if your meeting coincides with the dog’s happiest times of the day: when someone rings your doorbell.