Tips on Creating a Video Resume (Part I)

Video resumes are similar to the print ones. 

What is a video resume and how can it aid with your job search? A video resume is a video made by a job candidate, uploaded to the web for potential employers to see.

A video resume showcases the individual’s experience and skills and is usually used to supplement a paper resume. Like with a print resume, it’s possible for the video resume to be targeted toward a specific company or position or just a general video resume. A video resume can be made by a pro for you or you can make your own. Some job search and networking sites offer a means for users to put video resumes into their profiles.

It’s critical to keep in mind that a video resume isn’t going to get you the job. Though, it can help you in marketing yourself to a possible employer if it’s done right.

Should You Create a Video Resume?

Creating a video resume is an optional task for job seekers. Businesses will very rarely request or require a video resume from candidates. For some job seekers, especially ones in creative and visual fields, a video resume can highpoint important skills.

For example, a video resume is helpful for showing some sort of performance-based work, regardless if it entails teaching a class, acting on stage, or displaying quarterly numbers.

Additionally, a video resume can be a great way to display your personality. For folks in client-facing jobs, whose work entails charming prospective buyers, a video resume might be beneficial.

Though, it’s easy to underestimate in a video resume. There is a high risk of the filming style, script or location being unsuitable.

Warning: If you create it yourself and have little to no filming experience, your video may come across as unprofessional.