Tips on Creating a Video Resume (Part II)


Also bear in mind that as with anything on the web, once your video file is out there, you cannot regulate how it’s shared.

Done poorly, it can, at best, stop your chances of getting an interview. At worst, it can embarrass you and take you out of contention. There’s a story about that happening to one student who sent a video resume with him serving tennis balls, lifting weights, and ballroom dancing. It made the rounds on the web and it did not move any prospective employers.

Some hiring managers will not even look at video resumes since they fear discrimination claims in the hiring process. So, while a video resume could be a good way to get noticed, consider carefully before making one be sure a video resume is a correct fit for you and solid use of your time.

Dress professionally.

Tips for Creating a Video Resume

If you’re thinking about creating a video resume as part of your job search, keep these suggestions in mind:

Be professional: Dress as if you are going to an interview and have a professional demeanor. Avoid cursing and slang. Be attentive to your background and make sure it looks neat. Additionally, be sure there are no disrupting noises in the background.

Prepare a script: Don’t totally ad-lib your video. You want to appear natural. You should have an idea of what you would like to say and how you want to phrase it. Do not read right from a script or from your resume. This leads to a boring video. The main points to convey in your video are what you’ll offer the company, your major skills, goals, and accomplishments. Think of the video as being a pitch for why the company should employ you.