Top Travel Industry Marketing Videos and Why They Work (Part III)

Activate Your Biggest Fans to Share Your Video

Instead of paid advertising, it’s advised that tourist-centric clients tap into the power of their fan base and activate their superfans to share their videos via an advocacy marketing program. In an advocacy marketing program, your top fans voluntarily join your branded program.

Once a member, they’ll be able to effortlessly publish your content, including videos, to their personal social channels. When doing so they can earn rewards, points, or unique opportunities picked by your organization.

They gain by sharing their passion. Your organization benefits from the big lift in visibility. It is real that just one advocate is connected to 600+ people on average. You also benefit from the third-party validation that comes with an advocate sharing your message. Over 83% of vacationers say that they trust suggestions made from family and friends over paid advertisements.

Make It A Video Worth Sharing

Distribution plan in place, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, uncap that lens, and get it done. If you want to make the best possible videos to endorse your tourist-centric organization or business be sure to:

Videos like this picture of beautiful rolling waves need to be accompanied by an interesting story.

Focus on The Story You’re Telling
Closeups of breaking waves or tasty dishes are great, but if you want to hit an emotional chord with the viewer, you must have a compelling story behind the video. If you’re showing food, talk about the restaurant’s history, the chef that started the restaurant, or major achievement or awards the restaurant has won.

Want to move traffic to your main street?

Show how the town has grown. Own any hardships and communicate the constant reinvention of your city. Don’t underestimate the power of a phoenix story.

B-roll is cool and needed. However, the better the story your video tells, the more engaging it is, the more likely it is to make a tangible impact.