Top Travel Industry Marketing Videos and Why They Work (Part IV)

Timing Is Critical

Most users like watching shorter videos.

When editing the video always remember you have just 10 seconds to get the user’s attention if you want them to stick around. You should also keep the video on the shorter side. If you have a long video, cut it into several smaller videos to make the whole experience more consumable. There is a huge attention drop off between two and three minutes of viewing time. Therefore, every second after the two-minute mark counts.

If you can’t shorten the video to two minutes, the next sweet spot is to make it between 6 to 12 minutes. Focus on creating good content and telling an interesting story to keep the viewer engaged through the 12-minute mark, but after minute 12 expect another significant drop-off. Remember, you’re not creating a television series; the shorter the video, the easier it is to keep the viewer’s attention and keep them emotionally engaged.

Be Sure Your Video Is Mobile Friendly
Studies show that over 90% of mobile viewers share videos and mobile makes up close to 50% of global watch time on YouTube. Simply put, folks watch lots of videos on their mobile phones. Be sure the aspect ratio, orientation, and any captioning on your finished video are mobile optimized.

Channel Your Inner HBO: Create New Content Regularly
If you want to see success from video marketing, you must be sure you’re creating more than just a handful of videos published at sporadic times. Every story you tell is going to resonate with a different audience. The more stories you share, the more folks you make aware of what you have to offer them for travel. Also, you begin getting a following of people that actively engage and look forward to your content.