Video Blogging Can Help Your Business? Absolutely!

As the number of video bloggers (vloggers) making bank continue to rise and YouTube continues to get more than a billion users every month, let’s take a look at why video blogging is good for your business and a great addition to your overall presence online.


  1. Form relationships with customers – Let customers to get to know you by putting a “face” to your company. By showcasing your brand identity, personality, and values with a human being, customers will warm to you and feel as though they are dealing with a real person.
  2. Show your knowledge – Connecting with people thru video gives you a matchless chance to share your enthusiasm for your business and demonstrate your expertise. Letting folks see who you really are (and you know your stuff) will raise your credibility and may affect if they will buy your services or products.
  3. Display your successes and hard work– Vlogging is the perfect chance to give possible customers a peek at the best marketing campaigns and events you’ve been working on. Letting people see behind the scenes gives them a look at how you vibe and let you show how much work goes into doing what you do.
  4. Connect with your audience – By getting comments on your video content, you can reach out to your target audiences and seek their views on what topics they are interested in hearing about. Then this can serve as your guide for future video topics.
  5. Provide advice and training – Vlogging can be educational as well. You could make use of your vlogs by providing step-by-step tutorials on how to do things like upload a blog or posting a tweet?
  6. Raise your SEO ranking – By bringing a visual element to blogs, you enrich your visitors’ experience on your website, which can help to raise your SEO rankings.