Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part I)

Do you need inspiration for your vlog? Here are some ideas on how to create intriguing content for your viewers. 

Consistently uploading top-quality, entertaining vlogs is quite difficult.

You may feel like you are always doing the same thing in your vlogs and not creating enough new ideas. To help you change things up, here’s a list of distinct vlog ideas.

This list should make it simpler to create more original and new content for your viewers.


If this is your first vlog, begin with an introduction video. Tell your potential followers something about yourself. Who you are, what you do and what you want to accomplish with your vlogging channel.

Too many folks on the web, you are a complete stranger and they want to know you better before they know if they want to subscribe for your vlog.

Future Channel Plans

Tell your viewers about where you see your channel in the future. What type of videos will you be uploading, how often do you expect to upload and what are you hoping to achieve with your channel.

Overcoming a Personal Struggle

We all have our own personal struggles we are dealing with or have successfully managed.

Talking about this is a good way to unite with viewers as it displays you are human.

Personal Vlogs

Vlogging channels are frequently personal but can also be focused on specific topics such as fitness, beauty or music. These vlog ideas are for videos concentrated on you so your followers can get to know you better.

Share Your Goals

What are your life goals? What do you want to achieve in your career, where do you want to live or travel? We all have things we are aspiring for and they tell plenty about us.

Your Bucket List

Plenty of folks keep a bucket list of things they want to do in their life. What is on your bucket list?

House or Room Tour

Your viewers typically only see one camera angle but cannot see the rest of your home. Since viewers are typically curious, you can devote a whole video to showcasing your home.

If you run technology or gaming-related channel, you can make a video displaying your setup and what equipment you use to make your videos.