Vlogging Ideas You Should Try (Part III)


Worst or Least Favorite [insert topic]

This is the opposite of our earlier vlog idea. Instead of selecting your favorites you can also do the opposite and choose the ones you dislike the most. What are the worst TV shows or films that you have ever watched?

Make a video about a special talent you have.

Share a Talent or Skill

Make a video about a special skill or talent you have. Perhaps you are excellent at singing or playing an instrument or perhaps you can do a funny imitation.

Cover an Event

If you are attending a cool event such as a sports match, a concert, or a food truck festival, take your camera with you and share the experience.

Funny Vlogs


Pranks always do quite well on YouTube and have an inclination to go viral which can get you a good number of subscribers and views. You can look around on YouTube to see which pranks do well and get plenty of comments and likes.


YouTube challenges are another good option if you are stressed to think of ideas for your vlog. Challenges are quick and simple to record, don’t necessitate much time and are very entertaining to watch for your followers. 

Reacting To

Reaction videos are frequently well-received on YouTube and can be funny to watch. A reaction video is a video where you film yourself reacting to ‘something’. You can look at some old videos, YouTube comments, or anything else that will create an entertaining reaction.


Even though it’s difficult to get correct, a parody of a film, music clip or video from another YouTuber can be comical.

Informational Vlogs

How To…”

If you know plenty about a specific topic you can make some ‘how to’ videos and tutorials to share the knowledge with your followers. This works particularly well if your YouTube channel is focused on a specific niche.