What You Need to Know About Nanny Cams (Part I)

Nanny cams give parents peace of mind that their child is receiving appropriate care.

With recent advancements in smart cameras and home monitoring technology, home security cameras are increasing in popularity these days. In fact, it’s estimated that over 20 million Americans will have smart security in their homes by next year.

While it’s one thing to purchase a smart camera such as a Nest Cam or Canary to monitor for things like burglary, there are points you need to ponder if you want to use your camera to watch over a nanny or caregiver in your home. To begin, there are laws that could limit what you’re able to record. You should also know that using a smart camera could affect your relationship with your nanny or caregiver.

Still, you might decide that having the information a home security camera offers is crucial to you and your family. Some parents use nanny cams throughout their homes when they hire a new nanny to watch over their children. You can tell how a nanny will react when a child stresses them out which is vital to your child’s wellbeing.

One parent stated that when she installed a nanny cam, the dad saw the nanny yank on the child’s hair. The nanny actually grabbed her by the ponytail and threw her aside and she began to cry. Needless to say, the nanny was fired.

Plenty of parents let sitters and nannies know up-front that they have installed nanny cams around their home. It’s really about having peace of mind and safety for the child and parents when their children are in the care of someone else. Simply letting caregivers know they’re being watched can be enough to correctly influence their behavior.

The goal isn’t to catch somebody doing something wrong. The goal is to stop it. Plenty of today’s businesses have dummy cameras to psychologically tricking folks into being on their best behavior.