Why We Love Cat Videos (Scientifically Speaking)

Cat videos are popular. 

The online world is full of funny, cute, mesmerizing, and mundane videos. In reality, over 100 hours are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. However, while videos of prancing puppies and babbling babies are among the favorites, few clips are quite as engrossing as the web’s most celebrated creations: cat videos.

What is it precisely that makes cat footage so popular? Well, researchers have looked at numerous hours of cat videos online to find out.

The conclusion? To get the short answer, it’s because cats don’t give a hoot about being filmed. This is a really rare thing these days, specifically at a time that we ourselves are a little unnerved about being watched.

Cats appear to really oblivious to the camera. That appears quite a contrast to other similar videos online. Particularly other cute videos such as videos of puppies and babies. 

Cat videos are comparably way more popular, and cats don’t seem to recognize the camera at all and just do whatever they like, they are unaware of it. It is really alluring to audiences who are so used to being under the watchful eye of a camera these days.

Researchers believe that cat videos have two main pleasures: that it let viewers imagine a world where we are not under persistent surveillance, while at the same time letting us watch something else’s life without messing it up. 

Ultimately cat videos let viewers have their own surveillance. We do so with the delighted abandon of a kitty jumping in a tissue box.

This fits with well-liked discourses of cats as aloof and independent, untamable and untrainable. Cat videos have a distinct mode of observation. We watch the cat, which is unfettered by our scrutiny. Cats do what they want to do. Either you like it or not. Cats don’t care.